Dehydration Services

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All your gifting solutions needs fulfilled by Regalo

Retains colour, taste, flavour and micronutrients of the food

No preservatives of chemicals of any kind are required

Reduces weight of the food by almost 70%

Under natural conditions, the shelf like could be more than a year but if opened it should be refrigerated and consumed within 2-3 days


Weight will always be rounded off to the next highest integer


Packing and serving below 125 grams to 75 grams and below 75 grams will incur charges of Rs.100 and Rs.200 per item


For every extra beyond the stated order as mentioned in the table above, an additional charge of Rs.100 / kg per variety will be applicable


Product should belong to the customer placing the order and only he / she is allowed to discuss any matter related to the order


Charges subject to change, service tax as applicable

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