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What are the rates?

Minimum Rs.30/- per pouch for size 20 cms X 23 cms and 2.5 cms thick. Anything over and above will be charged as per pouch size.


Can I take my products like rotis / theplas / parathas along?

Yes, products like rotis, theplas, parathas and puran polis can be vacuum packed. The products will retain their freshness for four months if refrigerated


What is a vacuum pack?

Atmospheric air containing moisture and oxygen  leads to spoilage of the product. So, air from the co-polymer pouch pack is evacuated. Also, co-polymer pouches do not allow air and oxygen to seep in.


What care should I take during transit?

If the journey is longer than 12 hours, we advise you to keep the packs in the deep freezer, 24-48 hours prior to travel


Do vacuum dried products require rehydration?

No, you just need to thaw them after taking them out of the freezer and use


How much product can I pack in one packet?

We advise one serving of any food item to be vacuum packed per pack as once opened, products likely to get spoiled within 2-3 days


When can I get my products vacuum packed? How long is it likely to take?

Vacuum packing can be done within the day with prior appointment of course. Call us on the number given at the top of this page

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