Humility: The Bedrock of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

When we started ideating on the concept of our venture, there were multitudes of suggestions and advices given to us and if we may categorize them they would broadly fall under - a brilliant idea, capital, a sound business acumen, a fantastic team / partners and effective leadership. Yes, these are fundamental to starting up, no doubt, but there was one thing we understood early on which was the bedrock of entrepreneurship – humility.

Here are five things that humility taught us,

  1. Humility to accept that the most brilliant idea can come a cropper

  2. Humility to accept that customer’s perception of us can be very different from what we want to create…however hard we try

  3. Humility to accept that the junior most employee can teach you skills that you don’t possess

  4. Humility to accept that small and seemingly simple vendors can bowl you over with ideas that even the most brilliant minds may not have thought of

  5. Humility to accept that it is ok to say we don’t know and seek help from investors and other stakeholders…in spite of all the research and reading we may have done.

May be this is the way to set an organizational culture. We are happy we realized this early.

Happy ‘starting-up’